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Ciphr Text icoon-text

Ciphr text is an instant messaging client designed for rapid conversation, this software makes use of advanced ECC cryptography delivered in an off-the-record(‘OTR’) format. All keys are generated on and never leave the device. Ciphr text benefits from one important characheristic of OTR – a unique key signs each message. This guarantees true end-to-end encryption and prevents man in the middle attacks.

Unlike Most OTR applications, Ciphr Text  is a true push messaging service designed for performance in poor network connections. Competing OTR clients require both participants to be online at the same time. Users of these applications will be unable to send or receive messages when either party is offline or in a pool cell coverage area. Ciphr text leverages advances asynchronous OTR to deliver offline messages

as  soon as the recipient comes back online. Ciphr Text makes use of a hyper dynamic OTR PIN. This means if you wipe your phone or wipe the application we will never be able to recover the PIN. This also means you can wipe your messenger app and create a new identity on the fly without any assistance from the provider. The provider will not know your previous pin or future pin.

Ciphr Mail icoon-mail

Ciphr mail is our flagship ECC (15.260 bit equivalent)  email client. Messages wil default to the heightened security profile of ECC with backwards compatibility for older PGP email (RSA 4,096 bit) when an ECC key has not been detected.

We also use 4,096 for all TLS and SSL communications. The result is true Triple Layer Encryption (AES, ECC, TLS).


Our custom message delivery mechanism gave us the opportunity to encrypt message metadata that other PGP solutions have left unsecured. All messages headers, email subjects, and contact attachments are encrypted, leaving zero metadata leakage for ECC messages. Images are encrypted using the same encryption as the messages.


Ciphr Mail was built as a fully restricted to secure sandboxed container which means all message content and address book contacts is stored in an ecrypted shell. The phone doesn’t have acces to any of your secured content.

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